Hut Trip Batik Shirts For Sale

We worked with peak to peak batiks and created these shirts for  The shirt's are hand crafted batik shirts, using dyes and waxes to create a stunning shirt. You will certain be wearing the coolest shirt in the hut.  Each shirt is made to order, and takes approximately 2 weeks to deliver.

If you wish to order a set of shirts for a group trip, we can modify the back of the shirt to include a short phrase of your choosing.

Buy them on ebay:

Arestua Hut Wood Cutting Party

Hello Friends, CMC members and Arestua Hut users,

 On Saturday August 17th we will have a wood cutting party up at the Arestua Hut. If you have a chain saw bring it, if not bring some sturdy boots and gloves and come help out. This will be the first of 2 work parties. The second will be September 21st. The plan is to meet at Rollinsville store at 8am and carpool up Rollins Pass Rd to Yankee Doodle Lake. We can walk the 1.5 miles from there. Please let me know if you plan on coming.

 Mark Buchanan

Off to the Desert

Even though it's been an amazingly snowy winter, it's time for me to head to my other favorite place - Southern Utah. Come over to to learn about my canyoneering adventures in and around the Moab area.

Once the snow melts, the mountain flowers come out, and the desert gets too hot, I'll be back on my summer hut trips.