Night Sky Photos from Tenth Mountain Division Hut

It has been a while since I've been able to get away on a hut trip.  But, I had the fortune of going back to tenth mountain division hut for a few nights.  Other than the new snow mobile routes, the trip was as perfect as I remember. One of my latest hobbies is taking photos of the night sky, specifically the Milky Way.  Every time I pack for a trip, I am conscious of my weight, and I really don't like to bring things I won't use.  Taking up a camera specifically to photograph the night sky was a risky item, but I had to do it.  Of course, the weather was not supposed to cooperate until the day we left, and the temperature was not supposed to get above freezing the entire time we were there.

One the second night, the clouds broke, the winds died, and I was able to get outside and take some photos.

The warm glow of the hut and the Milky Way in the Background.

Tenth Mountain Division Hut is in the foreground, Venus is setting behind Homestake Peak while the Milky way stretches off on the right.  

Tenth Mountain Division Hut and star trails

This is from the 2022 trip to tenth mountain hut, I believe I am using the same Camera, a Canon D7x, using the star photo setting.