Hut tripping with kids

I found this article in outside magazine talking  about hut trip hints for when you take your children along.  I've never taken my kids to a hut in the winter, but I have taken them to the Continental Divide Hut in the Summer.  Obviously, the stakes are much higher in the winter, and your choices for huts is greatly reduced to just a few.  Their hut trip hints with kids:

#1: Choose the correct hut!  If you want your kids to hike in, you are looking at the Continental Divide and Point Breeze huts, and perhaps Vance's Cabin depending on their age.  If you bring snowmobiles into the picture, you could potentially include Uncle Bud's Cabin as there is snow mobile access quite close.  As a purist, I'd recommend not going the snowmobile route.  The Tenth Mountain Huts also have a list of recommended huts on their FAQ

#2: Do your research!  You don't want to take kids into an area that could cause danger.  luckily, the huts mentioned above are free from most dangers.

#3 Watch what you Pack:  I have a written many tips for what I bring to make a hut trip enjoyable.  The advice is good for kids and adults!  Read about my hut trip hints.

#4 Practice before you go:  The trail is no time to find out your gear stinks.  Everyone, kids included, should do a dry run before you head out on the real deal.  If you live in the front range, there are several areas for you to practice.

#5: Hope for good weather: this really applies to all of us for many different reasons.

The reality is that if you choose the right hut, you shouldn't have to do much different than you would have to do yourself.  I'd like to add one to the list: bring a solar powered charger!  your kids won't be finding much internet access at the hut, but if they get bored, they still may use the iPod!

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