Cleaner Water on your hut trip

One of the things I grapple with on hut trips is the water supply. To me, being in a hut is partially a struggle in cleanliness and keeping sanitary conditions.  It is one part of the hut trip where we rely on those before us to all take the water supply seriously. Anyone who has looked into the water supply sitting on the stove can attest to seeing all sorts of things floating above and below the water. I really don't want any of that in my drink, and there are few options available to clean it out that wouldn't make it worse. I used to use a strainer, and sometimes with coffee filters, but either of those techniques missed the little things, or created too large a mess.

This summer I won a Steri-Pen kit at an auction, and it came with a "pre filter" funnel that seemed like the perfect tool for my hut problems.  This is not the ultraviolet light system.  It is called the SteriPen FAF-ADP Drinking Water Bottles Filter Kit and it is a simple funnel system that is about 3 inches wide, and 7 inches long.  The funnel has a replaceable and easy to clean SteriPEN Filter Cartridge to remove particles greater than 40 micron.

The water flows through the filter fast enough that it really does not interfere with the flow and there is no difference in the time to load water bottles or or your cooking water.  We ended up using it for everything except our dish water.  To give you an example of what this filter removed from our water, here is a picture I took from one day's worth of water usage:

Yes, that is hair, looks like some belly button fuzz, dirt, and a lot of other nasty things I don't want in my water.  It's a small investment for a much healthier hut trip experience.