Another Call for Uphill Access at Eldora

In 2010 Eldora was revising it's master plan and on of the options on the table was "Uphill Access", which means allowing people to skin up the mountain and ski down, needing no use of the ski lifts.  They were asking for input from it's skiers on the idea, and, based on this new story in the daily camera

Local skiers call for uphilling policy at Eldora

One can assume that they did not respond well to the idea.  Eldora states that Safety is the first concern, and, secondarily, they consider it trespassing.  A spokesman for Eldora states that "the resort has a "firm policy" that prohibits uphill traffic within resort boundaries".  She did go on to say that it is not their policy to get the police involved, instead, they ask people to leave.

Another avenue reported in the story is how Eldora's proposed expansion would affect access to the very popular Jenny Creek and Arestua Hut Trails that skirt the backside of the resort.  The resort wants to install a "Jolly Jug" Lift directly in the path of the Jenny Creek Trail, which, shows a contradiction in Eldora's policy.  They say access to the trail won't be affected, however, if Eldora keeps it's current stance, this would effectively close off the Jenny Creek Trail to "trespassers".