Backcountry skiing on Colorado mountain passes offers powder and uncrowded terrain

A Denver Post article discusses something most of us are already familiar with:  Colorado's backcountry offers epic skiing with no lines - but you are going to have to earn it!  Well, it seems on Berthoud and Loveland Pass the only thing you need to earn is a car ride back up the pass,  but, really, you don't have to go too far into the backcountry to find great skiing.  Of course, if you go into the backcountry, you had best be prepared, because being in an avalanche is no fun at all.

If you are going into the Colorado back country, don't forget to purchase a Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue (CORSAR) Card.  Also, before you go, check with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center to make sure conditions are safe.  As Brian Lazar points out, some novice skiers think that avalanches are less likely around the roads that go over the pass - this is not true, and can have deadly consequences.   "Despite the highway control work that might be going on, don't mistake that for avalanche mitigation. No one is controlling backcountry conditions. All of these passes in the Front Range see quite a bit of traffic, and have seen quite a bit of accidents over the years, including this year."

The Top Backcounty Passes in Colorado:

Bethoud Pass
Vail Pass
Loveland Pass
Wolf Creek Pass
Buff Pass
Molas and Coal Bank Passes
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