Please Help Improve Guinn Mountain Hut/ Arestua Hut Cleanliness

After this weekend's trek up to Guinn, it's quite apparent that there is a general lack of care being used when it comes to peeing, taking out ashes, and getting rid of dish water and coffee. I've been shoveling the porch each weekend, trying to dig out the hut, and have dug through multiple pits of ashes right outside the door, dug up empty cans of beer, and now that mess has moved out side with several areas of ash and urine circling the perimeter of the hut.

Just about everyone I've met on the trail has great respect for the hut, so it's hard to imagine such a flagrant abuse of the hut. I understand that there have been some brutally cold nights with heavy dumps - but I thought that was why we went up there. Perhaps this was just one group of people, but the impact can be seen every where. What is normally a vision of beauty when you finally reach the hut after the lnog hike up has become mine field of trash.

Here's the first examples, where someone decided to pour their coffee right out side the door. If you look close, you will also notice the ash that was left right next to it. There is no reason for this.

To our left is just one example of many where people have just tossed the ashes off of the porch landing in front.

I could have given more photos of pee spots, but I thought I would show you one of the finest examples of slacker multitasking I have ever witnesses:
Behold the person who walked out the front door, climbed off the porch, and decided that was a perfect spot to take a pee while dumping the ashes. It takes quite the person to think this was a good idea.

I would ask anyone who visits any hut to try and leave it in better condition than you found it. Do some shoveling, sweep the floors, and pick up trash. I know we'll never be able to stop people from doing these things, but we can minimize their impact by cleaning up for a bit each time we are up there. Spring time is coming, and the more trash and peeing that happens now, the more stinky the hut will be.


Unknown said…
I concur....Mark Buchanan (hutmeister)
thanks David