Spring Skiing means don't forget the Glop Stopper!

There is absolutely nothing worse than skinning up to a hut or just being in the back country and then start having Snow accumulate on the bottom of your skins, making each step harder and harder. Once it starts, there is no stopping it, and it can literally ruin you experience, or make it impossible to finish. It is said that a pound on your skis is equal to 15 pounds on your back. Add to this the resistance created by the snow, and you've turned an enjoyable day into a nightmare you wish would end.

I am not certain about the specifics as to why this snow accumulates on my skins, but I suspect it has something to do with the variety of snow temperatures that you will encounter during spring skiing. My skins are pretty old too, but I have seen this happen on everyone's skis and skins regardless of the condition of the gear. I notice that is worst when I am skinning in areas with direct sunlight mixed with shaded areas, or there is a new spring snow without a well traveled trail.. i have tried every method to stop it, including keeping my skins out the night before I ski, carrying metal blades to remove the snow, not using skins at all, but there has been only one solution that has worked consistently for me, and I highly recommend it be in your bag during every spring hut trip or back country trek: Black Diamond's Glop Stopper Skin Wax.

Before every skin up in the spring time, I simply rub a little wax on my skins and know that my Snow Build up is effectively done. It also provides a nice glide to your skins, which is also much appreciated. Costing around $13.00, it is worth it's weight in gold.