Jenny Creek Ski Trail to Yankee Doodle Lake

The Jenny Creek Ski Trail is the second route that begins at Eldora Ski Resort and takes you deep into the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. While it follows the Guinn Mountain Hut Trail for a few miles, it will finally veer to the left and begin the steady climb up to Yankee Doodle Lake where you'll be surrounded by the Continental Divide, amazing views of St. Mary's Peak, and a view of Needle Eye tunnel, where the trains of old would cross over Rollin's Pass. You can easily Telemark, Cross Country, or snow shoe up the Jenny Creek ski trail, it has a very steady climb, and just a few areas with a steep grade, but nothing like what you'll find going up to Guinn Hut.

The Details:

With a distance of approximately five miles, the hike maintains a gradual climb until the end where you will make the final push to get to the lake. I was not able to find many of the familiar blue diamonds that you'll get on the other treks in the area, but it is a very popular trail. While the cars will drive up Jenny Creek in the Summer, we'll trek along side the creek for most of the way, diverting away from it every once in a while. The trail is also well protected in the trees, so you have ample shade most of the way up.

Jenny Creek is a great hike to break up the monotony of the Guinn Hut. The views are much, much better than you'll find at Guinn Hut, and there is plenty of terrain available to explore depending on the snow conditions. It also looks like great spring skiing conditions could be had on just the right day.