Uncle Buds Hut to Skinner Hut

I did this hut to hut trip going from Skinner Hut to Uncle Bud's Hut. I think that I'd like it better going from Uncle Bud's to Skinner Hut, just to cut off some of the length to Skinner. It's about a 6.5 mile hike with a vertical drop of 1,400 feet before the climb to Skinner. Part of this trip follows the colorado trail, so it has plenty of blazes. You will be doing a lot of small climb and decents along the way from Uncle Bud's to the start of the Skinner climb.


Unknown said…

Is this route marked?

outdoorbum said…
The route goers through a Wilderness Area, so you wil not have the blue diamonds to help you, however, you will have the blazes (upside down exclamation points) to help you.
John Schultz said…
do you still have your gps data/file? Can I get a copy?
Mazandrero said…

I have been reading some of your blog´s posts. We are a group of spanish backcountry skiers who will be heading to Colorado this february. We are starting to organise the trip and as we will go there for a month we are trying to get local info to decide where to go.

We will be moving around all the state so we don´t have a fixed route or plan, just we would like follow the nice downhills, combining hut-to-hut trips and day tours, 14ers, etc. We have a high ski level. Could you recommend us some tours considering the actual snowfall?

As you are an expert in hut trips, we would like you to give us some advises about hut trips in Colorado where we can find some nice backcountry ski, not cross country ski.

Also we would like to know if there is any book where we can find this kind of info (or website, forums, etc).

Thanks in advance