Peter Estin Hut

Peter Estin Hut Details:

I am a big fan of the Peter Estin Hut for many reasons. First, it has great skiing. second, it makes for a great hut to hut trip with Polar Star, and third, it is an imposing climb when you look at it from the parking lot at Yeoman Park, and I love that sense of amazement. There are two ways up, but the hike I like starts by following a road to Fulford Cave, then winds up a forest till you get near the top, where it opens up and you begin to see jeep trails. After you wind back into the woods after one more climb, you will soon emerge from the trees at the front door of the hut. The view from the hut is so spectacular that it compromises the panoramic image used in the header of this site. The hut is a standard hut, sleeping 16 people, 12 upstairs and 4 downstairs.

Peter Estin Trail:

The mountains around Peter Estin Hut are Big! Charles Peak is at 12,500', and Yeoman Park is at 9,000 feet, so the view is enormous and somewhat humbling (in a good way). The hike is 5 miles long, and, looking at the elevation model to the left, you will climb 2,500' of elevation, with the hut located at 11,500'. The real climb begins about 2 miles in, where you'll climb 2,000' in 3 miles. But, as I tell everyone who is intimidated by the hike, the bestthing to do is train for a trip, and secondarily, leave early enough to give yourself enough daylight to complete the trip. Remember that there's more sunlight in the spring than winter, so a later trip can give you extra time.

Peter Estin Hut to Polar Star Hut via IronEdge and Newcomber Spring Trail

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