Uncle Bud's Hut

Uncle Bud's hut is one of my personal favorites as a hut to hut combined with either Skinner Hut or Tenth Mountain Hut. It has great skiing around Galena Mountain, and has some of the best tenth mountain memorabilia, telling the story of Bud Winter. The trail to Uncle Bud's is located outside of Leadville. The first part of the trail is on the road that wraps around Turquoise Lake, so it is very gradual and is shared with snowmobilers. It the cuts up into the trees following a jeep trail the rest of the way. It is a moderate hike, and the accessibility makes this one of the more popular huts to visit.

The Hut has 2 private bedrooms, 1 with 6 beds, 1 with 4 beds, and a communal sleeping area with 1 double bed and 4 single beds. More Details.
The Hike:

The hike up to Uncle Bud's Cabin is moderate in difficulty, rising 1,700 vertical feet over six miles. The first two miles of the hike is very gradual, and full skins are overkill. Lately I have been using Uncle Bud's as the second hut in a hut to hut, with the first being either Skinner Hut or Tenth Mountain Hut.