The Yurt at the Fowler/Hilliard Hut Site

The Tenth Mountain Hut is going to be setting up a Yurt at the location of the Fowler/Hilliard hut site. They are stating that they will have the hut rebuilt for the 2010/2011 ski season! in the meantime, if you have a reservation for the hut, you will now be sleeping in a Yurt (in my experience, I prefer the huts, but I'd rather be in the backcountry).

Tenth Mountain has set up some options for you, including switching your reservation to a different hut. You can find a detailed description on their site

Your Alternatives are:

  1. Keep your reservation at the yurt. After all, the skiing and snowshoeing at this location is fantastic and this is a unique opportunity to experience a wonderful yurt and support 10th Mountain Huts.
  2. Keep your reservation at the yurt, but reduce the number of people in your party and receive a refund for reduced spaces. 10th Mountain understands that even though the yurt will comfortably accommodate 16 people, it will likely be more comfortable with fewer people. For example, if you have 16 spaces reserved at the hut and would prefer to have 12 at the yurt, no problem – we will give you a refund for the four spaces.
  3. Transfer your reservation to another hut owned and operated by 10th Mountain. You can make changes to the number of spaces you reserve, and you can request a refund if you end up with fewer numbers.
  4. Request a full refund.
  5. Decline all of the above and contribute your hut fees to 10th Mountain as a tax-deductible contribution.
In terms of the Yurt, it will be 30 feet in diameter; 6’7”exterior round walls; 14 feet tall in the middle; and has approximately 700 sq ft of living space. This structure is designed for high altitude, snowy and windy environments and comes with insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling. It has five windows that are 5’x4’ and both doors have windows. There is an 8’x16’ deck on the south side.

The yurt will have all the same amenities as other 10th Mountain huts, including a new large wood burning heat stove, firewood, propane burners for cooking, photovoltaic lights, matches, TP, candles, and a fully stocked kitchen with cooking and eating utensils. There will be no oven at this yurt. There are 16 comfortable mattresses with flannel cover sheets, pillows, and beds arranged in a combination of singles and doubles in a large shared sleeping room. As with all the huts, you need to bring a sleeping bag, food, personal, and emergency gear. Yurt users melt snow for water in the winter and are responsible for drinking water purification. The yurt will often be booked to capacity and may be shared by more than one group.