Starbucks Coffee now available in the Huts!

There are certain things that I am willing to forgive while I am away on my hut trips, however, coffee is not one of them. I usually grind my favorite beans and bring them up to the hut, but there are a few things that are a bummer about this process: First is weight, I like it light. Second, although I can bear cowboy coffee, I'd rather have my coffee clear of grinds. Third, I despise cleaning up the mess and carrying down the wet grinds (especially on a hut to hut trip). Fourth, the coffee always cools before it is all finished, and a couple of reheats doesn't do the coffee good. I have tried some organic freeze dried instant coffee, and it's OK, but I am pretty excited about Starbuck's VIA on my next trip!

I was able to pick up a 24 pack at Costco, and will be trying them out on my next trip! You can get them in bulk on ebay too.