Continental Divide Cabin

To get to the Continental Divide Cabin, the simplest way is to take Highway 24 to Tennessee Pass. The trailhead is located on the west side of the road, across the street from both "Ski Cooper" and the 10th Mountain Memorial. Looking towards the west, you will find three trailheads.

The trail on far left (furthest from toilets) is the 10th mountain hut trail system, which can get you to the tenth mountain hut, the continental divide hut, and the long way to uncle buds hut. It is also the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. The Road in the middle with the Green gate is actually the access to a few cabins back here. The trail on the right takes you to camp Hale.

The hike itself is less than a mile at about .66 miles. As you travel along the Colorado Trail, there is a turn off to the right with a well marked sign.

There is a bench looking towards Mt. Elbert. Makes for a great lunch and resting spot for the kids.

A few hundred yards later turn left then right, and it I's a well marked path to the hut. You will walk down "jays way" (named after Jay Henry), is a wide path, and also a pump house, and then you will know you are close.

The hut itself is one of the nicest huts I have been in, partially because it is new, but mostly due to the owners, who are obviously very dedicated to the hut system, and in particular care for this hut. For example, when we arrived, the cabin was immaculate, with all the trash tended - but they also left us a bag of ice. The grill they have in nicer than the grill at my house and the wood burning stove is modern and very efficient, so, gourmet cabin dwellers will love the great cooking tools in the hut. They do collect rain water and there is a well, however that water is strictly for dishes. you should filter this water if you intend to use it for drinking water. With such a short hike, we opted to carry in our own water. Another option that we have heard as a nice alternative to eating in the hut, is to hike over to the Tennessee Pass Cookhouse, which is located across US-24, in Ski Cooper.

The Continental Divide Hut is amazingly kid friendly. We talked to the owners and they felt it important to have a place accessible to kids. It is definitely both a winter and summer destination for kids. Our children loved it, loved being in the woods, and doing the same things we all like to do - play cards, games, tell stories, and read the guest books. They also have a pack and play, as well as a child safety fence that can wrap around the wood burning stove, protecting your kids from burnt hands.
The hut is different from the other huts in that it is much more intimate than any others, with the exception of Carl's cabin. There is only one floor, with two bedrooms, but the common area is actually the other beds, so there is no real separation between sleepers and dwellers. Of course, you rent the whole hut, so you know everyone, but I am an early riser who likes to get the coffee and stove going, so I had to be extra quiet. The intimacy has more advantages than disadvantages - I liked everyone in the same space, however I wonder if it can feel cramped in the winter withhold all the gear? On of the distinctly cool and creative features is the powder room, which is a room between the bedrooms that has a mirror and sink to brush you teeth and face, and store your toiletries.

Each of the bedrooms have their own reading lights and chair, and the bedrooms have shades so that if you want to put the kids down early in the rooms, the parents can hang in the common area.

The hut has a solar panel which provides lights for the common area, the kitchen, the powder room, and the lighten hall to the bathroom.

The options for the winter are better than you'd think. There are ample cross country trails, and you can still get to the tenth mountain hut and ski that terrain. An interesting alternative is to head out and go skiing at "Ski Cooper" if you didn't want to get in a car, or even Vail if you wanted to drive. You can also easily tour to the backside of Ski Cooper, and in some of the guest books there are maps on some glade skiing.

I must admit at first I was hesitant about this hut, however, it has exceeded my expectations. If you ever wanted to get your kids and family to experience the huts, in either summer or winter, this is the hut for you.