Summer Time at the Tenth Mountain Huts!

16 of the tenth mountain huts are open for summer time activities and they are well worth the time. I am using this opportunity to bring some friends who have been "timid" about the winter time hikes to get used to the distance and elevation, and hope that the beauty sells them on joining me on a winter adventure.
HutFire RingWell WaterUntreated Spring or StreamUntreated Collector WaterOther Amenities
Margy's Hutx .25 miles  
Harry Gates Hutx 1.5 miles  

Peter Estin Hut

x .5 miles  
Polar Star Hutxx   
Eiseman Hutx   1 milex  
Shrine Mtn Hutx x     sauna
Fowler/Hilliard Hut x   1.5 milesx  
Jackal Hut x  2 miles x  
Vance's Cabin x   1.25 miles   sauna
Continental Divide       x 
10th Mountain Hutx   .5 miles x fishing
Uncle Bud's Hutx  .4 milesxfishing
Sangree's Hut x .5 miles x fishing
Skinner Hut x   2 milesx 
Betty bear Hut x .2 milesxfishing
Francie's Cabin  .1 miles  fishing

Some of the amenities to hiking to the tenth mountain huts in the summer time are access to amazing high altitude trails with tons of wild flowers. The Spectular Peaks of the Colorado Rockies, and most importantly, the comfort of a tenth mountain hut nestled at tree line for those summer showers.