Jenny Creek Trail Guinn Mountain Loop

This is a nice six mile hike that allows for a quicker trip than going all the way up to Guinn Hut The hike is follows much of the same route as the Guinn Mountain Hut trail, but uses the Jenny Creek trail to form a loop. The nice thing about this route is that you get a good distance with out the time commitment of Guinn
Hut. I like it because it allowed me to get back to Eldora and take some turns. Usually, Guinn Hut is a commitment, and I am too tired to get some turns in.

Here is the elevation change for the hike:

As you can see, the total elevation gain is about 1,000 vertical feet. There were no difficult sections on the hike, and the longer path up made for a nice gentle grade. The path was completely marked with blue diamonds, and I never felt (that) lost.