Polar Star Hut

Polar Star Inn Details
The Polar Star Inn and Carl's Cabin are located near New York Mountain, and offer some of the finest tree skiing I've been in, as well as an awesome place to go on a night trek, as there are low slopes around the hut that are well protected with dispersed trees. It also makes up the second part of the great hut to hut from Peter Estin Hut.
Although the Sauna has burnt down long ago, one of the nicer aspects of this hut is the fact that they have well water to drink from, instead of relying on melting snow on the fire. The layout of the hut is not like your typical hut. It has a bunk bed downstairs, and 4 private rooms and a common area up stairs, that sleeps a total of 17 people.

Westerly view from Polar Star as the sun sets in the Utah Desert. Notice the shaft of light coming up from a distant canyon. Once night settles in, it's time for dinner than a beautiful night walk under the light of the moon.

The Hike to Polar Star via Fulford RoadThe hike up to Polar Star via Fulford Road is the "easiest" way to get up to the hut, at the expense of snowmobile traffic. Once you leave the town of Fulford, it is up,up,up.
The Hike to Polar Star via Iron Edge
Although it may not be the easiest, the hike up to Polar Star Inn via Iron Edge is more peaceful, as you get to spend more time hiking through trees than hiking on a road. For this reason, it is my preferred route up to the Hut. This route starts by following the route to Estin, then cuts to the left and you begin the first ascent. This hike will eventually connect with the Fulford route, and they both share the same final ascent to the hut.

Getting to the Trailhead:
Here is a google map of the directions to Yeoman Park from Eagle. You can load this map into your iphone and getting there is a breeze!