Peter Estin Hut to Polar Star Hut via IronEdge and Newcomber Spring Trail

Here's a picture of's editor on the hike between Peter Estin and Polar Star. I think the peacefulness and beauty of why we hike hut to hut is evident in the photo. However, getting there requires work, so lets look at what we are dealing with.

Below is the elevation model for the hike from Peter Estin Hut to the Polar Star Hut. We chose to descend down the Iron Edge trail, and then hike up the Newcomber Spring trail. One of the nice things about this route is that you get all the downhill out of the way, and you do a quick ascent back up early in the hike, instead of a sustained climb up the road to fulford. Also, staying away from the snowmobile's always makes the trip more peaceful and enjoyable.