Janet's Cabin

Janet's cabin is a relatively easy hut to get to (especially if you use the chairlift), except for the very end, were it tempts you with a view of the cabin, even though you are a few hundred feet below it. One of the nicer features you can opt in on in this hike is a lift ride from Copper Mountain Resort to the trail. Of course, you can always hike from the base of the lift, but it's nice to use the lift system (as long as you are comfortable with carrying your pack on the lift).

Here is the elevation gain for Janet's Cabin in the tenth mountain division hut system:


Anonymous said…
You write very well.
One Doll said…
I just found your blog using Hut Trip Food as my keywords. Nice job. We do at least one hut trip a year so I'll add you to my favorites. We're doing Janet's in a week and a half. Hoping for snow!