Hut Trip Food Tricks

Having made my share of messes, and after spending valuable hut time scrubbing clean pots and pans instead of hangin' with my friends, we at take hut food seriously. We have found a few recipes that are guaranteed to be eaten, and leave relatively no mess to deal with.

As pictured on the left, hut pizza is simple to make, easy to carry up (because you can split the load between the team) and makes no mess (except for the cheese that melts off). It's also a great way to add some extra food from previous meals (notice the chorizo sausage) so that you don't have to carry it down. The best thing about pizza is that it is appealing to everyone in the hut - what you don't finish, other's will!

If you are willing to carry the weight, bringing up a tri tip or Ribeye Roast makes for a great food after your hike up the mountain. Pictured on the right are the oven masters preparing the oven for the 2 inch rib eye roast. I know that Polar Star and Carl's Cabin both have outdoor grills. The others that I have been to in the tenth mountain hut system do not.

Sample Meal Plan

Day 1 (hike up):

Night: Smoked Fish, Chicken Noodle Soup, Miso, Crackers, cheese (for 10)

Day 2:

AM: Tang, Coffee, Breakfast Burritos with Chorizo Sausage, hasbrowns
Dinner: Chinese with Rice and Wine

Day 3:

AM: Oatmeal, Tang, Coffee,
Night: Smoked Fish, Chicken Noodle Soup, Miso, Crackers, cheese (for 10)

Day 4:

AM: Breakfast Burritos with Eggs and coffee, tang and chorizo, hasbrowns
Night: Pizza (bobelo crust - pepperoni, red peppers, tomato sauce,shredded mozz, olive, onion )

Day 5 (ski down):

AM: Oatmeal


red peppers, onion, olive
4 lbs smoked fish (2 per expedition)
Chicken Noodle Soup (double it)
Miso - 1 packet per person per expedition
Crackers - low impact crackers
Cheese - jarlseburg
Tang (4 breakfast)
Coffee (4 BFast 10 people 8 pots of coffee)
Chorizo (2 orders)
Egg Beaters
Oatmeal (4 packets per person 36 packets)
Non Dairy Creamer
Cookie Dough
no bake
Bobeli crust
crust - pepperoni, red peppers, tomato sause,shredded mozz, olive, onion )


Angie said…
So how do you make your pizza if there is no grill nor oven, like most of the huts.
outdoorbum said…
All of the Tenth Mountain huts have either a woodburning or propane oven. For the other hut systems, you'd probably have to come up with something else to eat!