Gourmet Hut Trip Food

There are three things that are essential to me having a great hut trip: a light pack, good food, and little mess. I've tried to enjoy rehydrated food, and I smiled as I gagged down the last bit of turkey tettrazinni. It didn't take me too long to figure out a better way to have good food on your hut trip. I've put together a little video that shows how to take your favorite take out food up with you on your next hut trip. The key to success is some sort of food saver vacuum sealer. If you cannot find one near you, click here to order one online.

The best part about this food is the mess - there isn't any! To heat up the food, I take it out of cold storage after our morning ski, and let it thaw out during the day. When you are ready for dinner, simply boil some water and drop in your chinese food - still sealed. If you'd like, bring up some boil in a bag rice.

Check out the video and feel free to share your hints with us!


One Doll said…
Hadn't thought about using the boil-in-a-bag idea. I'll make one of our meals that way next week at Janet's and let you know how it went over.
Appreciate the tips.
outdoorbum said…
Thanks for finding the site. I hope the "boil in a bag" technique works out for you - we've adopted it as a standard deal for one meal on all our hut trips. It makes cleaning up a snap, and the food is always good when you get it from your favorite place! A couple things I've learned: First, make sure your rations are correct, we make bags for each person, so each can chose how much they want to eat. Secondly, we try to thaw them out before we boil them, it'll make it go faster.

Have fun at Janet's - you can't beat huts with a sauna!